Fun with Phonics

Learning to Read while Having Fun! ADHD, Vision, Speech and Dyslexia,

Dyslexia ADD



Betty Davis a children’s author of a new very popular adventure series: The Worldly Adventures of Nicholaas. Children 8 and up clamber, for this book .It’s new and amazing discoveries lead the reader to magical places while learning about the  several different countries he visits. Betty Is owner of Fun with Phonics Tutoring Company in McHenry, Il

She has been teaching for fourteen years and specializes in teaching children with disabilities especially, ADD, vision, speech, and Dyslexia.

A question parents ask me is:

“My child won’t listen to me” what can I do I am so upset”?


How can I best help my child be successful in school with his disability? He gets distracted so easily?


What are some teaching strategies I can use for my child who has ADD  ,he is a Kin esthetic learner?

The fun with Phonics program will be of great interest to parents and teachers as I use an active approach to teaching children using, art, music and games to teach the concepts of reading and math. Writing is something that is very difficult for children with ADD. It is as there is a wall between reading and writing in the brain.

There are things parents can do to alleviate some of the fear of writing:

Have them tell you orally,

Have them use a computer to write, instead of a actually writing on paper

Does your child like to draw?  If so have them draw what he or she remembers from the story. After drawing have him write a short few sentences of what he drew. In this way the child forgets about his fear of writing because it is fun.

Tap into what interests the child by asking him questions who what where why and how. That will stimulate ideas in his head which will help him, or her to write.


Children need a structured set of rules to help kids be good citizens and to help them be good listeners. It takes time and energy but it works.

For instance, have a list of chores and responsibilities you expect him or her to do, along with the consequences if not followed. Of course they may mess up but consistency is the key