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Learning to Read while Having Fun! ADHD, Vision, Speech and Dyslexia,

 New Student

One of my newest students  has really improved her writing.  I suggest to her that she  write silly sentences using the long U  word  patterns that helps her recognize  and create expression when she  write.  This is what she wrote:


The wind blew through the crew

when they threw Blue,the bird Shrew  mooed

but no one had a clue where the moo came from.


About Fun with Phonics

Betty Davis specializes in changing children's lives  by becoming strong confident readers. Mrs. Davis is a advocate for children with disabilities. Students who struggle refrain," I don't like reading", or I  can't read". She replies with "YES YOU CAN" and shows them how.

Mrs Davis uses music, games and art media, vital to learning the phonics concepts,  essential to being a successful reader

If you are interested in having teaching at your school , library, or pre-school.   I have taught at Kds R Kids, Academy Tutor time, . By offering this program you are giving the children a gift that will last a lifetime. As well as ensuring success for them. Your organization will be well thought of as children who learned to read using phonics score higher on tests and soar often two years above their counterparts.


 Parents are you concerned with your child's spelling, writing, or reading? Don't wait these skills are essential for your child's success in school and in life. Prices are affordable and can be done on Skype as well. 

Phonics,1, teaches sounds of the letter, word patterns, Level 2-3 teaches blends, long, vowels, and digraphs, 

Zany Brainy Writing Workshop teaches children to express themselves through the printed word. Children work on several projects where children can use their own creative thinking to complete the project.Parents who contact me from this website receive a  10% discount. Classes are held at a library closest to the student's home.


Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin

Over 200 hundred years ago Ben Franklin had the secret to teaching children. It is the reason that my program has been so successful. Engaging children in the activity and making the phonics lessons fun. Is what I have been doing for the last fourteen years. Children who take the classes are confident, passionate readers. New students receive a 10% discount if they sign up through this site.


Fun activities parents can do with Their Children before and after Reading.


  1. Kids books

    Bring in children's books about related themes and read these aloud to class.

  2. Downgrade

    Adapt myths or other stories for a younger audience. Make into children's books or dramatic adaptation on video or live.

  3. Draw!

    Translate chapters into storyboards and cartoons; draw the most important scene in the chapter and explain its importance and action.Or have children draw what they can remember. In that way you can assess how much they remember or comprehend from the story.

  4. Oprah bookclub

    Host a talkshow: students play the host, author, and cast of characters. Allow questions from the audience.

  5. Fictional friends

    Who of all the characters would you want for a friend? Why? What would you do or talk about together?

  6. State of the Union

    The President wants to recommend a book to the nation: tell him one important realization you had while reading this book and why he should recommend it.

  7. Interview question

    When I interview prospective teachers, my first question is always, "What are you reading and do you like it?"

  8. Dear diary

    Keep a diary as if you were a character in the story. Write down events that happen during the story and reflect on how they affected the character and why.

  9. Rosencrantz and Gildenstern

    Write a story or journal from the perspective of characters with no real role in the story and show us what they see and think from their perspective.

  10. Improv

    Get up in front of class or in a fishbowl and be whatever character the class calls out and do whatever they direct. Have fun with it.

  11. What if

    Write about or discuss how the story would differ if the characters were something other than they are: a priest, another gender or race, a different age, or social class For more resources check out Reading Rockets Literacy for Parents.


Fun with phonics is a unique program this teaches to all learning styles. The active learners that learns by doing as we paint,  use play doh, or play a game, The student that is engaged in the lesson plan  by seeing as we jump on the letters or the student that needs to hear who sings to the music. Struggling readers many times need to learn visually or many times need to hear the concepts through music. A catchy tune would be a great way for them to remember the rule. To me children are the heart of America. It is through them that we laugh, that we are inspired by their imagination. They will be leaders of tomorrow and they need the tools of reading and writing to succeed.

What causes Dyslexia and Reading Problems?

What causes dyslexia and reading problems? Three main reasons are ineffective reading instruction: auditory perception difficulties :Vision perception and language processing difficulties. Over 180 research studies have proven that phonics is the best way to teach all students. It has also been proven that is the only way to teach students with disabilities and people with dyslexia. Today 8o% of the schools use whole language or a cursory method along with the whole language. While many can learn to read using whole word method it is not the best. Which is better knowing 44 sounds as to opposed to memorizing 1 million words. That is how many words there are in the English language. Reading and writing is just talking on paper . Children learned to talk by imitation sounds and combing those sounds to make words. Our brains are programmed to learn in this fashion.

If your child displays one of more of the following symptoms it is important to not wait but to be proactive to get the help they need.
Below grade level reading achievement
Slow Reading
Poor comprehension
Fatigue after reading only a short while
Poor Reading skills

Children with auditory discrimination problems may have had chronic ear infections or been born with this disability. Correction involves over teaching the formation of the sounds used in speaking and reading.

Children who have visual perception problems   have trouble matching the word image with another  previously stored image in their brain. Exercises that help the brain see will help tremendously in helping this group learn to read better.

 Language development problems can contribute to poor listening, reading along with poor written and verbal expression. Learning word attack skills along with phonics improves  their reading ability.

In all cases phonics has been the very best way to learn to read or become better readers. If you have any questions about this content or general questions press the contact me button. New clients that sign up for classes in August get a $10.00 discount off the price of classes. Classes do not have to start in August but must have been signed up for classes.



There are many like Sammy that are struggling with reading, have low self -esteem and don't enjoy school because of it. You as a parent can do something about it. Researchers have studied the brain and found out that kids learn best by learning to read one sound at a time just like learning to talk. Our brain looks for patterns when reading. Parents have commented how happy they are when their child completes the program excelling and reading and reading two years above grade level. 


Fall classes are forming now. Have your child be part of the exciting adventures in reading. Children discover and explore word patterns, decoding skills, and counting syllables. Children also read interesting text to increase fluency and comprehension. Children are engaged in the classes because of the art, music and games that are part of the class.

Classes are now forming for students who live in the Algonquin and West Dundee area. Or Huntley area.  for more information on prices on location of classes please press the contact me button.


I was recently on CAN TV channel 19. I hope you will watch this informative video. Watching this video gives you a good idea why this program is so successful among parents , teachers and students. I ask that you watch it and spread the word .S ow e can
have a  generation of citizens with a great amount of creativity and imagination to be leaders and innovators. By spreading the word you are assuring that children can say I CAN READ instead of I CAN"T READ.

Treasured Books: Character, Courage, Strength, and Respect


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