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The Eight Splendid Truths of Becming a Great Reader

Posted by readingbooks52 on May 14, 2013 at 7:15 AM

The Eight Splendid Truths of Becominga Great Reader

The veryfirst truth for a child to become a great reader is to be read to when thechild is very young or even preborn. The baby in the womb of the mother canhear your voice. It is soothing and comforting and builds on what they willbecome later a great reader.

Reading toyour child everyday builds their listening skills and focus. Children whoseparents did not read to them have trouble listening in a school environment.Children are engaged at the visual detail present in the books. They are ableto connect the pictures with the text and find the books fun and engaging.

The nexttruth is that the child sees the parent reading. The child will want to readand acquire a love for reading when they see their parents reading. Parents aremodeling to their children how important reading is.

The thirdtruth is for your child to actually see what you are reading about. Forexample: if you are reading about farm animals and you take your child to achildren’s zoo. The children is able to feel touch and see the animals. In thatway they are building connections in their brain and better able to understandwhat the story is about.

The fourthtruth is teaching the alphabet starting with lowercase letters beforeuppercase. The reason for this is simply that most of our text is written inlover case. As a parent of two grown daughters now, I enjoyed and loved eachminute of teaching them how to write their letters. This step is so much fun. Iused any material shaving cream, pudding mix, erasable crayons for the windows,sand, and play-doh. Children love swirling their finger in materials andexploring how to write. 

 The fifth truth, once they can recognize thealphabet it’s time to teach the sounds of each letter. Having childrenrecognizing the sound of each letter will help them read worlds fluently andeffectively. Learning the patterns of the words as in cat, bat and sat willmake reading enjoyable and fun.

The sixth truth:as your child grows and matures he or she already knows the patterns of thewords, but what about the blends digraphs, and long vowels. If this is nottaught in your local school please invests in a phonics program or find a localtutor that can assist in teaching the tools. Reading is like a garden, we plantseeds in their brain. But if we do not water the seeds with the proper toolsthe seeds just lay there and they will not take root.

The seventhtruth: Have a family reading night. As the child grows spend time reading achapter or two of a book that maybe two hard for them to read yet but one thatis appealing to them. Many parents I have come to know have read Harry Potteror other such books to their children. Reading builds an imagination so the more they read the smarter theybecome. The more they practice the more they will enjoy it.


The Eight Truthis fun: all the steps I have given you should be employed through fun. Withoutthis key ingredient reading may not be as enjoyable. Play games use an alphabetmat to spell words or recognize letters, scrabble, boggle, hangman, or a hostof other games not mentioned her. Fun is the key to reading success.

Children oftoday are the light and hope of our future giving them the keys to knowledgewhen they are young will give them the seeds that will take root and grow andmultiply into a very smart and passionate reader.

Reading isfun it takes away stress and become smarter because of it.



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