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SuperMan or SuperWomen

Posted by readingbooks52 on June 23, 2013 at 2:15 PM

 Superman or SuperWomen

My husband and I went to see Man of Steel last night.  There were familiar analogies between God and Clark Kent –Superman. The coming to earth from another place, the waiting to show who he was until the time was right. When I was watching the movie I kept thinking that we all have super powers that God gave us. 

You may ask yourself what super powers do  I have?  Each one of us is blessed with certain innate talents called treasures. It is these treasures and passions that we share with others.  Our artistic talents, diplomacy we have with other people, or even the ability to teach others. Each of us deep down inside has a superpower just as Clark Kent – Alias Superman does.  When Clark was a boy he had unusual powers that he did not know what to do with. It took time for him to develop these special abilities just as it takes time for us to realize the potential we each has inside us


We are   growing and changing all the while becoming a better person. Courage is an essential ingredient of developing your superpower. To be bold, to take the next step in unchartered waters, and to do it because your gut tells you it’s right. Whether, it’s fine tuning your skills as a writer, speaker, teacher or photographer. Believing in yourself and have the hope, faith and courage to take the first step towards your superpower and sharing it with others is the ultimate goal.


Remember the boy who found a way to send pizza’s to Afghanistan so soldiers could have a little bit of home while overseas?. Or the teacher who saw the plummeting grades in reading and wanted to do something about it. She quit working at the school and developed her own program. For the young boy and teacher it took time to realize what their superpower was: Now that they both realize what their treasure is ,and  they are making a huge difference in the world. Children are being successful in their quest to become strong readers  just as  the boy builds up moral for the soldiers who  desperately miss their families. We all have a superpower so what is yours?


Betty Davis




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