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Fourteen years ago I saw a decline in our reading scores that we were no longer had the capability of being number 1 in the world. I wanted to give every child the chance to say I can read instead of I can't. No matter their disability children can read, it is a matter of finding a program that fits their learning style.

Each child has the own unique way of learning and all children are not the same. The whole language approach that has been used is only works on visual learners if that. Children can decipher from the pictures what is happening in the story. According to Chris Kaufmann who has a PHD and gave a demonstration of how the brain works when we read : Reading Matters in Maine shows us that just as we learn how to talk one sound at a time that is how we learn how to read. Our brains look for patterns in words and when asked to read an entire word our brain becomes confused. According to Dr. Kaufmann many, many ,many children need phonics to be able to read. Without systematic phonics instruction children do not have a grasp on spelling, writing, or reading.

Without prior knowledge of the phonics instruction students read the words but do not comprehend what they read. It is through the phonics that children can read fluently and easily. Children no longer have to struggle to figure out what the word is because they have the have the tools they need to read. They have recognition of the words patterns of the short vowel, long vowels blends and bossy R. They also know how to splt up words into syllabels.

This is all done with art. music and games. So children learn through having fun and learn to enjoy reading . In the article Why does America Ignore the Successes in Finland? The article states they use an interactive format using many of the tools I also use to teach: art. music and games to teach children. Finland also uses the smart board and computers as well. I think we should learn from them and encourage our children how important and fun reading can be.

As a teacher and an author I motivate children through my enthusiasm and they can do it attitude. Children once in the program see that the goals are attainable and are proud of their accomplishments.

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