Fun with Phonics

Learning to Read while Having Fun! ADHD, Vision, Speech and Dyslexia,


 Yes because of popular demand classes are now available on Skype. It is easy at at a reduced cost you can receive for one hour classes and become a confident passionate reader. Research shows that phonics is the very best way to learn to read. Press the contact me button for more information.



Fun with Phonics Tutoring offers :

Individual Tutoring classes in Reading  and Creative writing.

  New class  Handwriting A new class is starting with the urging of a parent I came in contact with. Her son is a left handed writer and is having difficulties with his grip. He tires easily from writing. He is a brilliant young boy and does well with cursive but not printing. I am encouraging him to write whichever way is comfortable for him. So that he will gain the necessary confidence he needs to be successful.


Classes are held at a library closest to their residence.

New  !!! Now teaching reading and writing classes through Skype Join this class and enjoy a reduced rate for four one hour classes.

Are you new to this country and can speak English but having trouble reading and understanding our language? For a limited time classes of three or more are meeting at  a library closest to your home. Classes meet in the evening at 7:00 for one hour for four consecutive weeks. If you know someone who would fit into this category please let them know  You are helping that person become successful and confident.


Group classes are available at several Park Districts

Fun with Phonics Level 1 

Is for children who recognize the upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet. This active class provides  children the ability to  learn the sounds and word patterns of short vowels. This is accomplished through games, music and art . Children 4-7 are excited to participate in this extremely fun class.

Fun with Phonics Level 2-3

This class is for students who know the sounds of their letters and have some knowledge of the short vowel word families. This class teaches children how to read words with blends and long vowels.

Zany Brainy Writing Program

Children 6-and up love this program!  Student learn how to express themselves while using creativity in learning to write.Children who have taken this program are inspired and have increased confidence in writing.

Park District Locations are:

Crystal Lake IL


Dundee, IL

Study Skills program. 

Does your child have trouble organizing their homework? As part of the program when choosing Zany Brainy Writing Program Reading. Camp or level 3 phonics classes.  The study skills class is incorporated into the class for no additional fee. A savings of $60.00.  For more details about this amazing program press the contact me button.



New Session

As it is every year Summer is the busiest time of year and classes can be filled quickly. Parents who register their children by pressing the contact me button will get 10% off the price for a four week session.. Or you may register at any of the park districts listed below:

Dundee,Huntley,Crystal Lake, and Grays lake Children love the active games, and activities they do while learning to read or becoming a better stronger reader.  Fees vary at each individual park district and the 10& does not apply for Park Districts.

New Classes for the Fall

These classes are fast becoming  very popular, and will be offered this Fall

If your intention is so find out more information please do so as soon as possible so I can give you a time that works for you. Group classes are three or more students and meet at a  library closest to your home.  McHenry, Lake Zurich, Algonquin

$75.00 for four one hour classes for group classes

 Semi- private classes is two students. This class works well for students who has a favorite person that they enjoy learning with. Does your child have  a friend that is interested in trying out the program ? When that person signs up   the registered student gets a free class. It is a win win situation for everyone. Children eyes light up and become more confident and parents are happy because the classes are inexpensive and fun for their child.

Private classes are a good option for children who learn best without a lot of distractions. The great thing about this program is that the time is flexible. Group classes are at a specific time each week. Children in private classes usually learn more because they are focused on the content. Private classes  $140.00 for four 1 hour sessions.


Phonics level 1 - children learn sounds of the letters recognizing word  families, and how to decode words. This class incorporates the element of fun using art, music and games. Children learn by doing, seeing and visualizing how to read. Children must know their upper and lower case letters to join this group;

Phonics Level 2-3    To join this group children need to know the short vowel word patterns or word families. Level two teaches blends using the same word families used in level one. Level 3 teaches long vowels and diphthongs.

Zany Brainy Writing Workshop

This very popular class bring excitement and fun as children explore how how to express themselves through writing creativity. Children learn  through a series of fun ideas how to write. This class also teaches the parts of speech and how to write good paragraphs. Spelling is also part of the program.

New  History for Kids   $70.00  3 or more children to run program.

Starts this October : Children learn fun facts about history and explore what it was like to live during that time period. Children will make pieces of a costume to wear on the last day of class. Children will find out about their character  and play  a game :Who Am I?