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Learning to Read while Having Fun! ADHD, Vision, Speech and Dyslexia,

Crystal Lake Beach Blast  : Children  are excited to discover how sounding out letters form words and  looking for patterns in words make reading easier to read and comprehend  the text.

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Betty Davis,Specializes in changing children’s lives by becoming strong confident reader. She is an advocate for children who have disabilities helping those who struggle.     Students who struggle often refrain” I can’t read” Mrs. Davis says” YES YOU CAN” and shows them how. Children may sing, play and use art media so vital to teaching children to read and write She, has recently published her newest book in an adventure series

Fun with Phonics Tutoring Company had a booth at the Crystal Lake Beach Blast Yesterday. Children scrambled to spell a word to win a prize from the treasure chest.


Radio Show I was invited to share my expertise with Bill Moeller from WGN . It was an exciting experience but one of great value for listeners everywhere who know are more engaged in helping their children succeed in reading.

Here's a link to my interview with Bill Moeller;

I was invited to be on the Christian Network at 10:00 am this Friday. The topic Faith/

Faith is an essential part of our lives. We believe we can pass out ACT Test that we can ace the  job interview or we can through faith make it through one more chemo treatment. It is believing in yourself and it s a key to our successes. I hope you will listen to this amazing broadcast.

Christian Freedom Network.

Today I was on the radio for an hour talking about how faith has an integral part of our lives. It is through faith that children believe they can ride a bike or tie their shoes.  Faith and hope is our light to believe in our parents and our higher power.

Radio Show Event


    The link to listen live and promote your interview is:

    For Guests calling in, we ask you to call (908) 237-0410 at 12:15.

Dyslexia Workshop

This Thursday I will be offering a Dyslexia Workshop for parent, teachers or anyone who is interested  finding out more about about how to help children and adults with this disability. The workshop will take place at St. Stevens Church in Oak Creek 6:

Ice Cream Social

It's time again for the annual Ice Cream Social at Veterans Park on July 19th from 2:30- 8:00pm. There will  kid-friendly games and entertainment. But the most important event is that Canine Companions  will be sharing a booth with me and children will be able to read to the dog. He is a trained service dog who when he becomes 18 months will be given to a Veteran in need of the dogs services. Their website is attached if you need more information. If not I hope to see you very soon and happy reading.

Ice Cream Social  July 15,2013 : Seven month old service dog in training enjoys the attention from children at the Ice Cream Social in McHenry.

Three Year old learning how to recognize his letters at a recent Ice Cream Social in McHenry, Illinois.